Who I am.

My Mission

I'm Athena Leonardo and have been teaching high school mathematics in New York City public schools for a decade. I encounter students year after year who have had their curiosity fires put out by years in the educational system. I have made it my mission to reignite that fire that is within us all - the craving for new experiences and knowledge - specifically within the realm of mathematics. I strive to do this by exposing students to authentic mathematics and by creating a safe space for them to make mistakes. I have been witness to students getting excited about math and changing their preconceived ideas about what mathematics truly is. By exposing youth to inquiry based tasks, genuine problem solving, and opportunities to discover patterns, we can help them develop as mathematicians and see the beauty that is mathematics. I hope to spread this vision to more educators by opening a space for conversation, sharing resources, and creating community. 

My Networks

I am an  M f A  Master Teacher.

I am an MfA Master Teacher.

B.S., Mathematics, 2008  M.A., Secondary Math Education, 2009 

B.S., Mathematics, 2008

M.A., Secondary Math Education, 2009 

M.Ed., Educational Leadership, 2015

M.Ed., Educational Leadership, 2015